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Awareness & Training

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Cyber-attacks are impacting our business and personal lives in the presence of inadequate hardware and outdated software solutions.  Agoge Security offers customized cybersecurity awareness, training and wargaming in an effort to create a shared situational awareness of cyber-crime.

​The increasing proliferation of mobile devices in this Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Age has increased our vulnerability to Cyber Threats.  People are inadvertently opening up themselves, their families, and their companies to phishing, malware, social-media, social engineering, browsing, data security, and other varieties of attacks.  Our goal is to enhance your Cybersecurity Awareness, which should modify user behavior and reduce risk.

We offer customized Cybersecurity training courses.  The courses include hands-on interactive training where users are introduced to cybersecurity concepts and scenarios with “live” threats.

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Cyber-Awareness is our philosophy… Cybersecurity is our mission…